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Semenggok Orangutan Centre

Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

Semenggok is home to previously injured and captive orangutans that have been rehabilitated. Due to the success of the programme, there is also a chance of seeing babies. Visit the centre at feeding times to try and spot the elusive 'man of the forest'.

The centre is around half an hours' drive from Kuching, with a 20-minute walk into the forest. Whilst the actual rehabilitation programme has been moved to a different location, the reserve is home to orangutans that have successfully 'graduated' and are now able to live in a semi-wild environment.

Ensure you are there either between 9am until 10am, or 3pm until 3.30pm, as this is feeding time and therefore your best chance to try and spot the orangutans swinging through the forest to the centre and enjoying a free meal!

The orangutans that have been rehabilitated roam freely in the reserve. This does mean you are not always guaranteed to see them, as part of the rehabilitation is that the animals learn to find their own food, however the chances are still good. The programme has been so successful that some of the orangutans have even gone on to have families, and so do keep your eyes open for any babies clinging to their mothers.

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