Retracing The Past; Saigon's Wartime History

Saigon, Vietnam

This half day tour will take you to some of the key sites connected to Saigon's wartime history, including the Reunification Palace, the former residence of 1960s US Ambassador Mr. Henry C. Lodge Jr, and the rooftop of the famous Rex Hotel.

Accompanied by your English-speaking guide, start your tour with a visit to a shrine outside the US Consulate. You will then stop outside the former CIA building, the location where in 1975, helicopters evacuated the remaining US citizens out of the city. Head to the rooftop cafe of the Rex Hotel, once a popular hangout for war correspondents and military officials. The hotel became well known, as it hosted the American Military Command's daily conference. Enjoy a drink as your guide takes you through the hotel's interesting history. Take a tour of the Reunification Palace, which was once the residence of the President and the headquarters of the South Vietnamese Government. Continue on to the former residence of Mr. Henry C. Lodge Jr, who was the US Ambassador during the 1960s, and supported the coup in 1963. Here you can watch a 10-minute documentary on Saigon during the war. Visit a secret weapons chamber used by the Viet Cong, before heading for a late lunch at Pho Binh. This unassuming restaurant was actually once headquarters for the Viet Cong, and it was here that the commanders planned the 1968 Tet Offensive. There is an interesting collection of photos which can be viewed upstairs. The whole tour will last approximately four hours. Please be aware that Pho Binh has been chosen for its historical significance, and the restaurant itself is rather basic.
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