Bukhara: Highlights of the Museum City

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Discover the twin symbols of the city, Lyabi-Khauz Complex and the Poi-Kalyan Complex. You will also visit Chashma Ayub Shrine, Magoki Attari, Kosh Madrassah and Chor Minor before finishing with a traditional Bukhara costume exhibition.

Blessed with more than 140 architectural monuments from the Middle Ages, Bukhara is one of Uzbekistan’s most ancient cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hugged by three monumental buildings with a reservoir at the centre, the Lyabi-Khauz Complex is a major source of water supply for the ancient city. Poi-Kalyan Complex is the star of Bukhara, situated along the trade crossing of four bazaars with towering Kalyan minaret.

Finally, gain an insight into the heritage of Uzbek garments as you browse through a traditional Bukhara costume exhibition.
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