Arts & Crafts of Ferghana Valley

Ferghana, Uzbekistan

As the cultural hub of Uzbekistan, make an excursion into Margilan’s silk factory “Yodgorlik”, Rishtan’s family ceramic workshops of Rustam Usmonov and the Governor’s House.

Surrounded by the UNESCO listed Tien Shan mountainst, the Ferghana Valley is known for its world-famous arts and crafts production. This tour of Ferghana will include the Governor’s House, a drama theatre named after governor M.D. Skobeleva s well as a visit to two nearby villages. Margilan has been known for its longstanding practice of silk craftsmanship, which is then used to manufacture carpets and fabrics. Get acquainted with the silk production process at traditional silk factory “Yodgorlik”. Another village which you will visit is Rishtan, whose residents are known for their glazed ceramics and pottery which dates back to over 800 years ago. Rishtan pottery is known for their rich blue-ish décor. Our tour will bring you into the famous family ceramic workshop of Rustam Usmonov.
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