Things to Do in Uzbekistan

A passion for history & desire for cultural exploration is a very important part for unlocking Uzbekistan’s secrets. Our experiences bring this remote but breath-taking country alive, the architectural and historical sites will transport you to millennia’s before and unearth magical but often turbulent stories from the Silk Road.

We would also recommend experiencing the local lifestyle and visiting the historic Chorsu Bazaar which is a must for all. It is located at the main square of Tashkent and has been an important landmark for merchants and traders for hundred years. Another highlight of ours is the Ayaz Kala and Toprak Fortress, the architecture is unique and with the high towers you can see how this site would have been imposing to those wanting to invade. For those who love sitting back and enjoying a scenic train ride through the rugged countryside we would recommend the luxury train experience, The Orient Express.

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