Full Day Adventure Hiking in Sedona

Sedona, The Southwest, United States of America

An expert, private guide will acquaint you with the natural features of the land, geology, botany, indigenous history, and energetic centers of Sedona's landscape during a customized exploration through this sacred region.

In the morning, you will meet your naturalist guide at the designated trailhead to Red Rock State Park for a beautiful and exemplary sampling of Sedona's stunning, vermilion-toned desert landscape. This 4-hour trail hike is ideally situated to allow you to admire the unique sandstone column formations rising up in Salute the Heavens, and designed for advanced hikers. Your guide will detail the millennia the area has endured under natural pressures to appear before you as it does today. In addition to its scenic beauty, the region is known for its special ability to substantially elevate and attract magnetic forces due to sediment rich in iron oxides.

Your hike will take you to see Cathedral Rock, one of the most photographed sandstone buttes in the Southwest. You will meander through manzanita and juniper along the banks of Oak Creek. The creek provides a respite from the heat and its own unique riparian habitat filled with flora and fauna that are not found in the outskirts of the desert. Enjoy a refreshing foot-dipping into the cool waters, take in the fresh air, and settle in peace reconnecting with Sedona's special natural setting.

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