Indian tiger safaris

Home to over half the world’s population of tigers, India remains one of the best places to see this majestic big cat in the wild. Head deep into the jungle in search of the Bengal tiger, a solitary, silent hunter of near mythical status, on an Indian tiger safari that oozes romance and adrenaline in equal measures.

Explore Pench National Park, the inspiration for Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’, and diverse landscapes from meadows to broad-leafed forest and dense jungle. Stay in luxury lodges and tranquil tented camps, discover hidden temples, chat with conservationists, meet the locals, and check an abundance of wildlife (from elephants to porcupines) from your wish list while enjoying the warmest hospitality.

Tiger reserves

The creation of tiger reserves in India in the 1970s has been pivotal in helping to stabilize tiger numbers, which have been slowly rising over the last few years. With a flush of high-end accommodation on the edge of the parks you can easily embark by Jeep, elephant or canoe on intrepid tiger-spotting expeditions in the heart of the wilderness. The reserves support a wealth of wildlife from elephants and leopards to deer and delightfully scruffy sloth bears.

Travel with heart

Sadly, while overall numbers are up, tigers are still endangered and under constant pressure from poaching, human/wildlife conflict and habitat loss. When you go on an Indian tiger safari, you’ll learn about tigers and their challenges but also help to create and sustain jobs that provide a lifeline for the people who live alongside them.

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Did you know?

The Bengal tiger is India's national animal.

Did you know?

India's version of Africa's Big 5 is the Magnificent 7: Asiatic elephant, Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, Asiatic one-horned rhino, Asian wild water buffalo, sloth bear and the Bengal tiger.

Did you know?

A tiger's roar can be heard as far as two miles away.

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