Tours in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is truly a country that stretches beyond the imagination, it is nestled in a vast desert and is certainly off the beaten track, meaning that when you travel here you feel like you have the whole place to yourself. Our itineraries will guide you through the countries striking highlights, including the ancient Silk Route city or fiery craters.

Do be warned that due to the country’s political stance that the guides are sometimes a little creative in what they tell you, so taking it with a pinch of salt is wise. Our itineraries concentrate on the capital Ashgabat, exploring the many obscure historical sites of this city dating back to 2nd century BC. Among them is the white marble-clad buildings of Ertogrulgazy Mosque, the biggest mosque in the whole Central Asia. You can also explore the National Museum of History, Park of Independence, Ruhnama Statue, Palace Square, Arch of Neutrality and Altyn Asyr Basar and the newest and biggest colorful market of Ashgabat which is worth getting lost in for a couple of hours amongst the kaleidoscope of colors and items on sale. Nisa, a UNESCO cultural heritage site revealing a grandiose architectural complex consisting of a ceremonial hall, treasure houses and residences would be one of our highlights in any Turkmenistan itinerary.

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