Luxury Japanese Ryokans

Ryokans, or traditional Japanese inns, are the pinnacle of Japanese hospitality.

A luxury vacation to Japan wouldn't be complete without a stay in a beautiful ryokan, Japan's version of a boutique spa hotel where you're encouraged to do nothing but relax and just be. Many feature private onsens, delicious Kaita-kaiseki dining and omotenashi hospitality leaving you to rejuvenate amidst the peaceful surrounds of nature.

Our collection of ryokans have a fabulous reputation for being some of the best across Japan, providing you with the opportunity to indulge in Japanese tradition and culture.

Okunoin Hotel Tokugawa

The Okunoin Hotel Tokugawa is an award-winning Japanese ryokan featuring hot spring bathing, wonderful hospitality, delicious kaiseki dining and a stunning Japanese garden, close to Nikko’s most popular attractions.


Experience the local way at this luxury ryokan located in the small hot springs village of Yamanaka in Ishikawa prefecture. Run by a father and son duo, the pair bring you into the heart of Japanese culture with visits to different Japanese artisans and authentic interactions with the locals.

Gora Kadan

A former retreat of the Imperial family and situated in the heart of Hakone National Park, Gora Kadan blends Japanese traditions with modern design elements. Boasting fantastic views of Mt. Fuji and spectacular Kaiseki-style cuisine, this is one of Japan’s most chic ryokans.


Nestled within a lush bamboo forest, Takefue maintains a refined rustic style but with modern amenities and large windows with views to the surrounding forests. Its exquisite food, beautiful outdoor baths, rustic authenticity and premium service make this a truly outstanding ryokan.

Nishimuraya Honkan

Now in its seventh generation, this classic hot spring ryokan is the real deal. Peaceful and elegant, offering tasteful décor, impeccable service, onsen bathing and Kaiseki dining, the hotel provides guests with an authentic taste of Japanese life.


With a fusion of minimalist, modern and traditional Japanese design, Zaborin evokes peace and relaxation from the moment you step into the property. Each of the 15 villas feature a private indoor and outdoor onsen with clear forest views of the stunning scenery, making this a spectacular getaway.

Araya Totoan

Set in the quaint Yamashiro Hot Spring village and surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, Araya Totoan is a perfect retreat for those looking for an authentic, off the beaten track experience. Enjoy your private onsen followed by a kaisaki dinner for a truly authentic Ryokan experience.

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