Day 3 - Nimmo Bay - 3 night/4 day package

British Columbia, Canada

Today you may wish to have one of Nimmo Bay's helicopters at your disposal! Reach remote glaciers where you can find paddleboards waiting and discover mountain lakes where an impressive picnic is set up ready for your arrival.

Making the most of the resort's helicopter, head out early and enjoy a gourmet breakfast high up in the mountains in otherwise unreachable spots. From here the world is your oyster - we recommend flying to one of the more remote glaciers where the resort has a selection of paddleboards ready and waiting for you to explore. All your extreme weather gear will be provided so you need simply relax and enjoy!

Warm up with a spot of hiking and soak in spectacular views from the mountain tops or dive into pristine lakes for a refreshing swim. Discover thundering waterfalls, remote islands and isolated rivers and spend the remainder of your day rafting, fishing, wildlife viewing or heli-hiking.

Outside of bear season, the helicopter also allows you to get off the beaten path to scout for these elusive creatures which may otherwise be missed. (Additional charge applies for the helicopter day to be added to the package but is well worthwhile!).

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