Tours in Tajikistan

A former Soviet republic, Tajikistan is famous for its impossibly beautiful scenery and extraordinarily warm hospitality. Bathed with tall mountains occupying almost 90% of the country, the landscape of Tajikistan is a spectacular place to explore for adventure seekers. Our itinerary takes you through the dramatic Fann mountains on the western side of the country.

These mountains boast over a hundred peaks with elevations reaching as high as 5000 meters, surrounded with numerous crystal-clear azure lakes and juniper forests great for both serious climbers and casual trekkers. Get a dose of Tajikistan’s former glory as part of the Silk Road through visits to key monuments, palaces and UNESCO listed settlements. This off the beaten itinerary is best enjoyed on a jeep as roads can be extremely hard to navigate. Our specialists are on hand to provide customized journeys and share their expertise through this incredible hidden world with equally enchanting locals.

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