Meet your professional top chef in a cooking venue located in the Gracia district, one of the most representative neighborhoods in town, related to gastronomy and art.  Here you will learn the insights of Mediterranean cuisine with a hands-on experience, using all the necessary material to create a complete menu consisting of dishes from the top restaurants. The chef will guide you through the processes and techniques, giving insider tips as you go. The goal is that these epicurean recipes can then be developed in your kitchens without any inconvenience. You will prepare a complete menu of four different courses which you will then enjoy as a leisurely lunch with a good selection of Cava and wine.  

The recipes to be made are: 
- Avocado cannelloni with salmon tartare (Tickets Restaurant, 1 * Michelin, Barcelona) 
- Deconstructed potato omelette (El Bulli Restaurant, 3 * Michelin, Roses) 
- Box of "Desalted" cod with shavings (Akelarre Restaurant, 3 * Michelin, San Sebastian) 
- Dessert: Banana with cocoa textures, nutmeg caramel, and lime. (ABAC Restaurant, 3 * michelín, Barcelona) 

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