Best Time to Visit Russia

The main tourist season is between June and August, when the weather is the warmest. Standout seasons to visit St Petersburg and Moscow are late spring (May or June) and early autumn (September or October), when the city’s parks are filled with flowering trees or colorful leaves.

The deepest, darkest part of winter is undeniably cold but if you are prepared it can be an adventure. Furs and vodka keep people warm and snow-covered landscapes are picturesque. A solid snow pack covers the ground from November to March. The city’s gets fired up to ring in the New Year, when Muscovites emerge from their warm homes into the winter night for free concerts and fireworks.

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Climate guide for Russia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Moscow 19°F 67mm 29°F 35mm 32°F 40mm 46°F 5mm 61°F 8mm 67°F 25mm 61°F 24mm 61°F 3mm 54°F 0mm 47°F 19mm 35°F 34mm 33°F 32mm
Pscov 22°F 0mm 33°F 0mm 35°F 2mm 46°F 0mm 55°F 0mm 66°F 0mm 61°F 0mm 61°F 0mm 52°F 5mm 46°F 0mm 38°F 0mm 36°F 0mm
St Petersburg 20°F 0mm 31°F 0mm 32°F 0mm 44°F 0mm 53°F 0mm 65°F 0mm 61°F 0mm 62°F 0mm 53°F 3mm 43°F 0mm 34°F 0mm 35°F 0mm
Suzdal 16°F 57mm 26°F 43mm 30°F 35mm 39°F 26mm 62°F 0mm 58°F 0mm 61°F 14mm 59°F 0mm 56°F 1mm 40°F 14mm 31°F 31mm 30°F 30mm
Veliky 20°F 106mm 31°F 90mm 32°F 195mm 45°F 15mm 55°F 112mm 65°F 114mm 60°F 237mm 60°F 190mm 51°F 130mm 43°F 180mm 36°F 193mm 34°F 133mm
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