Day 4 - Gray Whales - Whales of Baja Expedition

Bay of Magdalena, Mexico

Today wake early to get on the desert road to drive to the Bay of Magdalena for an unforgettable encounter with Gray Whales and their adolescent calves. They have made the longest migration of any mammal on earth to breed here of over 20,000 km!

It is worth the early start of around 6am for this incredible encounter. In respect to the whales, regulations ensure boats stay the permitted distance from mother and baby - yet no rules are laid on the baby whales and inquisitive calves cannot resist popping up by the boats for a pat on the nose or even a tummy rub!

From the Bay of Magdalena, the drive south to La Paz is approx 3 hours, a city with local Mexican charm and the most wonderful sunsets on the Sea of Cortez, best observed with a stroll along the "malecon" seafront.

Enjoy dinner at recommended parilla or taqueria, popular with the locals, and frequent one of the many excellent ice cream shops that line the seafront.

Overnight in La Paz; Posada de las Flores La Paz.

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