Spain, with its extensive coastline, colorful culture and fabulous food, is at the same time both vibrant and relaxing. Head to Andalucia for beautiful architecture and fascinating history, the Basque Country for gourmet cuisine and a glass of Rioja, the Canary Islands for striking volcanic sandy beaches or Mallorca for style, glitz and the freshest seafood.

Not just the home of sangria, Flamenco, paella and siestas, Spain has a lot more to offer the visitor. Whether it's a visit to the buzzing cities of beautiful Madrid or vibrant Barcelona; a week soaking up the culture of Andalucia, or just soaking up the sun in Mallorca, you'll want to return to discover more.

The variety of landscapes and culture in Spain is truly breathtaking. Known for its winding streets, breathtaking architecture and cultural heritage, Andalucia is popular for historians, culture lovers and romantics. From the beautiful city of Seville, the setting for many famous operas, to the magnificent coastline, it is a very popular part of the country. Try to time your visit during the colorful annual fiesta of Semana Santa during April.

Catalonia boasts the amazing city of Barcelona, but also has easy access to the mountains, where you'll find the unspoiled ski resort of Baqueira. Along the coast, you'll discover charming fishing villages, ancient towns and the pristine beaches of the Costa Brava.

Food in Spain has undergone a major renaissance in recent years, and Girona boasts the second best restaurant in the world - El Celler de Can Roca. Try wandering from tapas bar to tapas bar in true Spanish style - the most sociable way to eat! You will also find some amazing wines, as after France and Italy, Spain is the third largest wine producer, with an abundance of native grape varieties - Tempranillo being the most well known and the main grape used in producing Rioja.

For some winter warmth, it's a good idea to head south to the Canary Islands, where temperatures remain higher than in other parts of southern Europe. The glamorous island of Mallorca in the Ballearics is a fabulous destination from early Spring to Fall, with its beautiful beaches and striking scenery, and where you'll also find a handpicked selection of luxury Scott Dunn villas, that come with private chef, host and nanny.

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