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The Indian subcontinent is a kaleidoscope of many different peoples and personalities, and immersing yourself in the local culture on vacation is a hugely rewarding experience. From sampling traditional cuisine, to learning about wildlife conservation or trying your hand at a national sport, getting under the skin of a country is undeniably all about opening your mind to the traditions at its heart.

Archery - Bhutan

Whilst in Bhutan, it's only right to try your hand at the country's national sport, archery. Giving the sport a go with traditional bows and even witnessing an archery competition is a fantastic way to get under the skin of Bhutan whilst picking up a new skill. This is the perfect addition to an itinerary with teens, enabling the whole family to experience the country's fascinating culture and community spirit.

Delhi Street Food Tour - India

India’s food is world renowned, and for good reason. Savoring the flavors of this incredible destination is best done in Delhi, the home of street food, by hopping between its vibrant markets and stalls. This foodie tour is guided so you will be taken to the best street stalls of the city, navigating between samosa stands, flatbread stalls and sweet treat stop offs. Don't forget to leave some room for more though as the tour ends with High Tea in the Dharampura Haveli, a property which oozes history, and is the perfect end to this foodie day out.

Gal Oya wildlife monitoring program - Sri Lanka

During a stay at Gal Oya Lodge, in Sri Lanka's Gal Oya National Park, get involved with their animal monitoring program and spend time with the resort's experts on this unique wildlife experience. The team is made up of enthusiastic naturalists who will give you a unique insight into the myriad of wildlife at home in the park. A particular highlight of the program is setting up camera traps to monitor nocturnal animal movement giving you a flavor of the ongoing work of conservationists in Sri Lanka.

Meena Tribal Walk - Jaipur, India

Take a two hour trek through the Aravalli Hills which overlook Jaipur and encounter the settlements of the Meena people, indigenous to the region. Take the opportunity to meet these fascinating people in their home, learning about their livelihoods and history, whilst getting off the beaten track in Rajasthan. This is a truly unique experience which allows you to meet the people at the heart and soul of India's vibrant culture.

Night photography in Kathmandu - Nepal

Enjoy a unique night photography class like no other in Kathmandu with a professional photographer. You will set up your tripod in famous Durbar Square in the suburb of Patan, and as night falls, the lights of the temple and candles make for impressive shots. You will then wander around Patan (Lalitpur), which used to be an independent state and is well-known for its Buddhist architecture and array of shops selling Nepalese handicrafts.

Visit an artist's home - Kandy, Sri Lanka

See a different side to Sri Lanka's cultural scene by visiting local artist, Ranju, in his own home. Ranju opens his doors to a private collection of work and his guarded creative world to a few lucky visitors to Kandy. Enjoy a cup of tea with the artist and his daughter, to learn more about his inspirations and way of life for a unique insight into this important part of Sri Lanka's culture.

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