Juneau and Inside Passage

The glacially-carved fjords and forested mountains that separate quaint fishing towns from wildlife rich waters make eastern Alaska perfect for cruising, its sheltered inlets and islands forming a dramatic backdrop to this spectacular icy wonderland. Sailing along the wildly beautiful channels of the Inside Passage will bring you right up close to pods of orca whales and bears foraging on shore, to humpback whales breaching and sea lions and otters playing cheekily in the water below.

Only reachable by boat or plane, Juneau is North America’s most remote state capital and, because of this, retains much of its original allure, boasting a beautiful blend of old and new buildings and a picture-perfect setting. The soaring Coastal Mountain Range and Juneau Ice Field sit high above the city, isolating it from the rest of Alaska, but the bustling waterfront of this frontier land invites visitors into the ocean beyond making it the perfect jumping off point to begin an Alaskan cruise.

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