Meet the tribes

Learn about the skills and ancient cultures of native tribesmen and really get under the skin of some of the most remote communities in the world. Track wildlife across the Makgadikgadi Pans with the San Bushmen, feed reindeer in Lapland with the Sami people or learn to ride with the Gauchos in Argentina - we have guides that will make you feel at home in places far off-the-beaten-track.

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Hear the stories of the Sami, Lapland

A winter trip to Swedish Lapland and a stay in our carefully selected lodges are sure to create magical memories. Enchanting snow-blanketed landscapes surround you and there is a chance of seeing the northern lights, snowmobile safaris, husky sledding and an unforgettable visit to the tipi of a Sami family for lunch. The Sami people of the Scandinavian Peninsula have many stories; learn of their survival in this challenging environment and their ancient culture, hear the Jojk, a traditional folk song and of course help feed their reindeer!

Saddle up with the Gauchos, Argentina

Argentina’s gaucho culture is as much a part of the country’s heritage as its iconic landscapes, dating back hundreds of years. Known for their traditional dress of baggy bombacha trousers, knife strapped to their belt and iconic beret, the gauchos are masters on horseback, an impressive sight to see. We have a handful of estancias where you can spend time with the gauchos and learn first-hand about their traditions and see their skills at work. Spend a day out on the ranch and then relax around the fire eating a traditional asado afterwards – pretty much a perfect gaucho day!

Walk with the San Bushmen, Botswana

Whilst Botswana is best known for the Okavango Delta and the wildlife that calls it home, it is also home to the San Bushmen, who have been living off the land using hunter-gatherer skills that date back for centuries. Staying at the beautiful San Camp in the Makgadikgadi Pans, explore with the Bushmen, seeking out plant roots, tracking wildlife by their prints in the chalky white earth, finding seeds, sourcing water and making fire. Learning how they interpret the landscape around them and exist in harmony with it is both humbling and fascinating.

Immerse yourself in the ancient culture of the Sumba, Indonesia

Amongst the jungle, paddy fields and waterfalls of the Indonesian island of Sumba live its people. The sarong-clad (Hinggi for men accompanied with a sword and Lau for women) Sumbanese lead a life mainly untainted by the western world and rich in ancient customs; from the vibrant Ikat textiles they weave to the epic pre-harvest ritual of Pasola featuring spear-throwing horsemen. Sumba is home to Nihiwatu, a remote eco-lodge where you can immerse yourself in local life at villages and markets safe in the knowledge you are supporting the island’s people whilst preserving their culture and traditions.

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