Booking a chalet as a group

At Scott Dunn, we see groups of friends vacationing together every week and this is one of the most fun ways to take a ski vacation, provided you plan it properly. To ensure that everyone returns home as better friends than they left, read our top tips…

  1. Think about who will ski with whom when considering who to invite on your trip – are their standards comparable and will they get on? Every person will need a “ski buddy” who will be of a similar speed and standard.
  2. If you are two or three families, consider whether you are “compatible” in the way you bring your children up. Mismatched bed times, standards of table manners and rules concerning video games, TV watching and soft drink consumption can come between the best of friends when sharing a home.
  3. Consider inviting friends from overseas or those you don’t see regularly. Chalet ski vacations are great for catching up with long lost friends.
  4. Check the room configuration in the chalet to work out which one will suit you best. Nearly all of our bedrooms have the option of twin or double beds which makes them suitable for couples, friends or children.
  5. Pick a resort that caters to the whole group’s skiing abilities.
  6. Designate a different leader each day who is responsible for choosing a lunch meeting point and time, coming up with a different cocktail each evening and arranging the whole day. Varying the “day leader” should ensure that everyone’s interests are taken care of and that you experience plenty of variety.
  7. Do not try to ski in too big a group. Anything more than five quickly becomes unwieldy. Agree at the top of each lift where you are skiing to and ensure that everyone has a piste map to minimize MisPer searches and huge mobile phone bills.
  8. Get a kitty together for après-ski but agree that the kitty is only to be used when everyone is present.
  9. Do some activities other than skiing – snowmobiling, tobogganing, ice driving and ice skating are just a few of the other things that are available in our resorts and can be great ways of taking the stronger skiers down a peg or two.
  10. Take plenty of photos. These occasions are the source of great memories.

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