Best Time to Visit Kyrgyzstan

The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan is from May and September when it is generally dry with low amount of rainfall. Summer is the ideal season to explore the country’s hiking trails and mountainous areas normally out of bounds other times of the year.

Climate guide for Kyrgyzstan

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bishkek 33°F 18mm 31°F 40mm 49°F 52mm 56°F 112mm 64°F 29mm 74°F 31mm 84°F 6mm 78°F 10mm 65°F 52mm 53°F 14mm 33°F 27mm 30°F 42mm
Naryn 1°F 1mm 10°F 7mm 32°F 11mm 51°F 14mm 55°F 35mm 60°F 12mm 66°F 128mm 64°F 3mm 59°F 15mm 44°F 22mm 30°F 8mm 13°F 10mm
Osh & The Ferghana Valley 34°F 36mm 37°F 50mm 51°F 26mm 59°F 82mm 69°F 12mm 73°F 37mm 83°F 127mm 78°F 0mm 68°F 12mm 57°F 8mm 40°F 50mm 36°F 33mm
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