Tours in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a vast Central Asian country extending from the Caspian Sea to the west, Siberia to the north and the Altai Mountains bordering with China to the east. Kazakhstan is an increasingly popular place to explore and we have a range of itineraries to suit all.

Being part of the old Silk Road, you can step back in time with one of our itineraries that include various stops at pivotal sections of the route with a plethora of architectural sites to discover. The Silk Road itineraries can either be enjoyed by jeep or by train through the rugged countryside, the scenery is truly breath-taking and rugged. We also have other itineraries which combine Kazakhstan with other central Asian countries, exploring the azure lakes, futuristic city of Almaty and surreal sand dunes. Our experts will be able to craft the perfect itinerary to suit you with the time that you have as well as your preferences for getting under the skin of this remote country.

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