Hakodate Morning Market and the Grand Matsumae

Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

Today, visit the Morning Market of Hakodate and experience the local life. Continue to Matsumae, a former castle town, where you can take a tour of the town and the grand Matsumae Castle.

Visit the local market and get a chance to experience local life. Watch as locals go about their daily marketing and interactions with the shop owners. The morning seafood market features more than 280 shops, where you can also try some of the local food.

Continue about two hours to Matsumae, a former castle town just West of Cape Shirakami. Visit the town and Matsumae castle. It is unique and known for being the only Japanese style castle in Hokkaido island. Enjoy sweeping views of the Tsugaru Strait and Matsumae's cherry grove from various viewpoints of the castle.

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