Cherry Blossom Fever in Hirosaki

Aomori, Northern Honshu, Japan

Enjoy a full day at Hirosaki. Head to the beautiful Hirosaki Park and Castle, nestled amongst thousands of sakura trees. Enjoy a picnic lunch then take a walk at Fujita-Kinen Teien gardens. Proceed to Mt Iwaki and admire the scenery along the 7.3km trail.

Known to locals as one of the best places for cherry blossom in Japan, Hirosaki was the political and cultural capital of the Tsugara region. Drive to Hirosaki and stop in Tsugaru-han Neputa Village. It is dedicated to the important festival Neputa Matsuri and guests can try their hands at playing the taiko (Japanese drums) alongside the Neputa musicians. 

Proceed to the highlight - the beautiful Hirosaki Park and Castle. Hugged by thousands of cherry blossom trees, this park is absolutely breathtaking during the spring season and one of the best places of Tohuku for the cherry blossoms. Visit Hirosaki castle, built by the lords of the Tsugara Clan. Enjoy a simple picnic lunch under the cherry blossom trees, which usually blooms in late April to early May every year.

Take a walk at Fujita Kinen Teien, a beautifully decorated Japanese garden in the Edo-period style. Head to Mt Iwaki, also known as the Tsugaru - Fuji Mountain from its shape. Enjoy the scenic drive to the mountain, where the roads are lined with cherry blossom trees, stretching for 20km. Take on the 7.3km trail in Mt Iwaki and walk from the Sakurabayashi Park to Shimizu Chya.

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