Cherry Blossom - Ashino Park and Apple Farm Visit

Aomori, Northern Honshu, Japan

During the Sakura season, make a trip to Ashino Park where it is famed for its spectacular picture of the cherry blossoms. Make a trip to an apple farm and understand the huge apple industry of Aomori.

Transfer today to Goshogawara Station and take a scenic train ride to Ashino Park and enjoy the rural countryside landscape of Northern Japan. Explore the park as you stroll along the lanes lined with more than 2,000 cherry blossom trees and breathe in the crisp spring air.

Afterwards, make a trip to an apple farm in Kuroishi city and gain a deeper insight into the industry. Apple is the icon of Aomori and the region is responsible for more than half of the total apple production throughout Japan! Enjoy lunch in Kuroishi.

Please note, apple picking is seasonal from early Sept to early Nov.

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