Best of Kawazu

Shizuoka, Hakone & Mount Fuji, Japan

Enjoy the earliest blooming sakura lined up the Kawazu town streets followed by a pleasant walking trail through the forest along the Kawazu river with seven beautiful waterfalls

Kawazu is known for being one of the earliest spots for cherry blossoms in Japan. These cherry trees were first discovered in Kawazu and thus was named after this town as “Kawazuzakura”. Kawazuzakura have the characteristic of large petals in brighter pink color and it bloom much earlier as compared to most cherry blossoms. You will be able to see the Kawazuzakura as early as mid-February for about one whole month. Enjoy 800 Kawazuzakura line along Kawazu River accompanied by the bright yellow-green of canola blooming at the same period underneath the sakura trees by the river. 

Beside the Kawazuzakura, the Kawazu Nanadaru is another attraction not to be missed. The Kawazu Nanadaru are seven waterfalls in the mountains above Kawazu Town in southeastern Izu. The pure water flows from the Amagi mountain range through these seven waterfalls ranging from 2-meters to 30-meters in height, into the Kawazu river. A pleasant walking trail leads for about one kilometer through the forest covering all the seven waterfalls. 

Before the walking trail, why not try a bowl of the famous local specialty, the wasabi-don, a hot steamed rice topped with shaved bonito and accompanied with high quality fresh wasabi from this region.


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