David Gareja Rock-Cut Churches

Tbilisi, Georgia

Visit David Gareja monastery complex, a rock-hewn monastery along Georgian-Azerbaijan border, including Lavra and Udabno monasteries.

Built in the 6th century by a group of thirteen Assyrian monks who came to Georgia to strengthen Christianity, David Gareja monastery complex is located in the desert area along the border with Azerbaijan. The complex has 13 monasteries, of which Lavra and Udabno are the most beautiful. While the time of the monastery being a religious and cultural center had passed, visitors are still awed by the magnificent architecture as well as the murals dated back to as early as 10th century. One of local beliefs is that visiting the monastery three times is equivalent to a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and remember to bring sun cream, warm jacket, raincoat and drinking water.

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