Best Time to Visit Georgia

Georgia is a year-round destination. During the summer months from late June to August, visitors can experience pleasant temperatures and dry weather ideal for hiking, whilst those visiting in the rainy months of April to June can enjoy beautiful foliage in between showers. Snowfall is common in the colder months between December and March, bringing a different beauty to the Caucasus Mountains. Fall harvest time is also worth to visit, especially around the vineyards of Kakheti which turn beautiful shades of yellow and orange.

Climate guide for Georgia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Western Georgia 41°F 0mm 46°F 115mm 48°F 67mm 62°F 140mm 72°F 108mm 75°F 119mm 80°F 127mm 77°F 75mm 74°F 45mm 66°F 0mm 47°F 0mm 46°F 0mm
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