Tours include ziplines, treetop suspension bridges, stairways and boardwalks with guests also learning fun and interesting facts about the local natural environment. With one of the tours also available in twilight guests don't even have to miss any skiing action to gain this experience.

Gravity fed lines means guests do not have to worry about controlling their speed or braking as they have a patented braking system that gives a smooth deceleration.

Guests check-in and meet their guides at the Carleton Lodge in the main village across from the Whistler Gondolas where all guests are fitted with a custom Ziptrek harness and climbing helmet.

Two tour guides will accompany guests on their tour, one guide to connect (launch platform) and one guide to disconnect (landing platform) each and every guest.

The educational component provides a unique insight into the surrounding environment on both a local and global scale. Meanwhile, the ziplines provide an adrenaline rush like no other!

Guests from 6 years and up are able to take part with a minimum weight of 65lbs and an upper weight limit of 275lbs. Guests must be 15 years old to zip without a guardian and a guardian must sign their waiver form if they are under 18 years. Tandem zipping with a Ziptrek Guide may be available on certain tours for children under 65lbs.

GoPros are available to use as well as staff taking photos at specific points on the tours with the option to purchase the photos and / or video card with associated footage.

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