Namibia – Good for the soul

From sand dunes and wild coastline to lush, river-fed plains and dramatic mountains, Namibia is a country of extraordinary and contrasting landscapes. Here Africa consultant Louisa explains why Namibia is a perfect place to do some soul searching…

I don’t know why but every time I have visited Namibia I have been at a crossroads of some sort in my life, whether it be career, relationship or just not sure which path in life you should next take. There is something about Namibia with its endless space, bright starlit night sky which somehow is good for the soul and makes the pieces of the jigsaw of life fall into place.

On my last Namibian adventure we drove over 3,000kms all over Namibia on the excellent network of tar and gravel roads which criss-cross the country which were remarkably empty and made for easy driving. Namibia is the second lowest densely populated country in the world, after Mongolia, so you really do feel as though you have the place to yourself much of the time. The landscapes while you drive are ever changing and engaging from wide open endless desert, with the occasional freestanding rock, to farmland with grazing cattle and goats and the arid but dramatic Damaraland with its rugged dramatic red mountains. Round every corner is another insane view, which I wish a photograph could do full justice to.

It is hard to pin down exactly what has always made my trips to Namibia so special whether it be running down the red sand dunes at Soussusvlei, the contrast of the white pan against the red of the dunes and the vivid blue of the sky at Dead Vlei, driving through the spectacular and varied Damaraland landscapes, with its dunes, mountains, desert adapted elephant and rare black rhino, to the fog shrouded, desolate and eerie Skeleton Coast and Pelican Point.

I am sure that the vistas, space, freedom and fresh air have a large part to do with Namibia’s magical ability to clear the mind, but I am sure if it could be bottled it would rival the countries other major export, diamonds.

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