Amore Amalfi

Milly and Sarah, two of our European Consultants, headed to the Amalfi Coast in Italy to discover the perfect three stop itinerary. Here’s what they got up to and their best advice on visiting the region.

The Amalfi Coast and Capri have long been popular destinations for honeymooners wanting to gaze out to the shimmering Mediterranean, while being able to pop in to the fashion boutiques and lounge in the sun accompanied by spectacular views. Back in April, Sarah and I were lucky enough to visit and it certainly lives up to its sparkling reputation.

A number of hotels really stand out a cut above the rest, so in order to get the most out of your time here, I would recommend staying in a few different locations along the coastline. Combine Sorrento, Praiano, Positano or Amalfi (staying at Hotel Bellevue, Casa Angelina, Le Sirenuse or Monastero Santa Rosa) with a few nights on the island of Capri (staying at Capri Palace or Capri Tiberio Palace) and then head back over to the mainland to the slightly higher town of Ravello (staying at Palazzo Avino or Belmond Hotel Caruso). This way you can explore the cultural sight of Pompeii, while being able to relax and cool off by the sea/pool, followed by the boutiques of chic Capri and then on to the quiet and beautiful town of Ravello where you can enjoy wine tasting in the nearby vineyards. This is exactly what Sarah and I did and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Many think that Capri is overrated and I was intrigued to experience it first-hand, I absolutely loved it and it didn’t feel pretentious (some people’s opinions) at all. Capri Palace is a strong recommendation if you want to spend more than two or three nights on the island as it is slightly larger and has its own private beach club (massive bonus as it’s the only one on the island) and two Michelin starred restaurants, including Il Riccio located very near the famous Blue Grotto. There is also a large pool area, a brilliant spa and two state-of-the-art gyms . The hotel is located up in Anacapri, which is the higher of the two towns on the island. You can easily walk to many of the local restaurants and I would suggest heading into town  to buy some handmade Capri sandals or loafers to take home. The one man chair lift is also very close to the hotel and I would definitely recommend taking it up to the highest point on the island to enjoy the views followed by a leisurely walk back down into the town.

Travel back to the mainland in style on a private boat, you can be picked up from the port and make an indulgent day out of it; go on a tour around the island, comfortably sun yourself on the bow of the boat and stop off to swim in azure seas, as well as see the four grottos on the island and enjoy lunch either on board or at a coast-side restaurant.

Once back on the mainland in the port of Amalfi, take just a 15 minute drive and head over to Ravello. Palazzo Avino and Belmond Hotel Caruso are located next door to each other, so both benefit from similar spectacular views as well as excellent service. During our time in Ravello we went on a relaxed wine tour where we were taken to some local vineyards with four other people and learned a brief history about the vines, and I was (perhaps naively) surprised to hear that some had been there for 200 years! After visiting a few vineyards, we were shown the distillery where the wine-making takes place and were explained the process. The tour ended with the most delicious, simple and traditional Italian lunch with a different wine (made from the vineyards we had visited) to taste with each course and the chance to purchase as much as you wanted and even get it shipped home!

This three stop itinerary is absolutely perfect for a week away or longer if you have the time and I couldn’t recommend it enough, honeymoon or not!

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