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Winnie Sum

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I chanced upon the "7 Wonders of the World" when I was in my late teens. Mesmerized by the magnificent ancient monuments featured in the book, I decided to venture out on my own journey of discovery.

I understood from a young age that if I wanted to see the world well, I must not stand in one place. Thus, I decided to pursue a travel career to travel the world with the intention of discovery.

Today, with more than two decades of experience in the travel industry, I have trodden many remote corners of the world (as far as Antarctica, Madagascar and the Galapagos Islands). Countries in Latin America and Africa, with their diverse sceneries & iconic experiences have given me more than enough reasons to revisit the new sides of these two continents and are still my all-time favorites.


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What my guests have said

We would once again highlight our appreciation to you, Winnie, for making this fabulous 34 Days South America trip possible with your great organization and attention to details.

It is a joy working with you in this particular epic journey. This is so far, our best vacation!

Travel nuggets

  • Colonia treasures, teeming markets, surreal landscapes, Impossibly blue skies, blinding white salt, complete with panoramic volcanoes views are on a menu of a journey to Bolivia!

  • The best way to see Okavango Delta is through the window of your helicopter ride, contemplate on the views of vast expanse of the flooded plains, rolled out right before your eyes like a carpet threaded with every imaginable shade of blue, green and gold.

  • Argentina’s medley of Patagonia Mountains and Glaciers, thundering falls of Iguassu, and the heart stopping tango show complete with “A punto” steak served alongside with plentiful of Malbec are just some of the things that made my heart stop.

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