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Our Africa specialists share over 50 years' experience. Collectively, they've visited Africa over 100 times. They've lived there, worked in safari lodges and camps, guided and taught. Their knowledge of this beguiling continent is matched only by their passion for all it has to offer. They'll recommend the best places for you to visit, tell you when to go (and when not to), and cherry pick lodges and camps that give you superb guiding and superior service in incredible locations. They're perfectionists who are only happy when they've found exactly the right destination and properties to create your dream safari.

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Camilla Whitworth

I first visited Africa aged 18 where I lived and worked in a school on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro; it was a great introduction to Tanzania’s wonderful hospitality and culture. I have been at Scott Dunn since 2007 and have been fortunate to return to Africa at least twice a year and still feel there is so much yet to see! The incredible variety of people, animals, landscapes and activities in each country is remarkable and continues to give me a thirst to return. I just love enthusing our guests to see for themselves the uniqueness of this fabulous continent.

Irene Ng

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, surrounded by high-risers, my first safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park was an eye-opening experience for me. Despite the long drive and multiple flights to connect to this remote corner of the world, the space of the open savannah and the closer encounter with wildlife make it worthwhile.

James Bescoby

Having lived in South Africa for fifteen years, I have a deep rooted connection to the country. Its incredible wildlife, culture and natural beauty are simply unbeatable and despite having traveled the length and breadth of the country, I am always looking forward to my next adventure there. A recent trip to Tanzania has further cemented my love for the continent, and witnessing one of nature's most incredible phenomenons, the Great Migration, will go down in history as one of my groundhog days.

John Spence

Since becoming a white water rafting guide on the mighty Zambezi River over 20 years ago, I've been living and breathing Africa ever since. I've explored the length and breadth of the continent indulging my passion for wildlife and adventure. I've climbed Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, kayaked on Lake Malawi, tracked gorillas, and flown along the Skeleton Coast. I've journeyed alone, with friends, and with my wife and two children. If you want to know anything from where to find tree-climbing lions in Uganda and Tanzania to where you can taste the finest wines in South Africa's Cape, I'm brimming with ideas!

Kelly Connor

I've traveled far and wide, lived in Italy, volunteered in Mexico, sampled delicious food and met amazing people right around the world, but Africa has my heart. From its dramatic wild places and warm people to the smaller details like the sunsets, the surprises around each corner, those moments around the campfire with a glass of something and new friends. I love to share my passion for this incredible place with guests and look forward to helping you create memories that live on beyond your last game drive.

Louisa Ross-Taylor

I have been creating customized safari vacations since 2001 and have been lucky enough to have traveled to all the countries that we work with. I have also worked at Rekero Camp in the heart of Kenya’s Maasai Mara and Chelinda Lodge on the Malawi’s Nyika Plateau, so I have seen behind the scenes and logistics of running of a lodge. I'm always asked where my favorite place is, an impossible question to answer, as there are so many favorites!

Rachel McGuire

Growing-up in Colorado my urge to explore the outdoors has always been a huge part of my life. In high school, I was lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica on a class trip. Getting out of my comfort zone to meet people from totally different backgrounds and discover new ecosystems make me want to travel more and more. I've since been to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, England, France, Switzerland and Guatemala and I'm not done yet. Having a job that allows me to travel to new parts of the world and share that knowledge and those experiences with my guests is all I could ever ask for!

Lyndsey Parker

An adventure nut like myself was always going to fall hard for Africa. I've mountain biked along hippo highways, through mopani forests, and Mkasanga village in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. I've literally hung off the edge of Victoria Falls; camped through the Okavango Delta; quad biked through the Kalahari Desert; slept beneath the stars in the Makgadigadi Pans; and tasted whiskey at Bascule overlooking the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. I've even had a juvenile leopard sneak up on me while I was enjoying a sundowner at Sabi Sands. Cheeky!

Meg Shepro

Having traveled from a young age and explored more countries than I've had birthdays, I fell under Africa's spell three years ago when I tracked gorillas in Uganda. Who wouldn't? I'm privileged to have seen the great wildebeest migration, danced with Maasai warriors, and sipped sundowners as giraffes grazed nearby. Now I love to share the magic of Africa with everyone with a passing interest of visiting this fabulous part of the world.

Sian Frost

After having worked for a charity in Zambia for a few months, I spent time traveling through the country by means of hitch hiking which took me to Malawi. There, I spent my days lounging by Lake Malawi before hiking the spectacular Mulanje Massif. Since then I have been lucky enough to experience the moonlike landscape of the Makgadikgadi and the dense wildlife of the Okavango Delta.

Victoria Langmead

I fell in love with Africa and its diversity many years ago. I've dived off the coast of Mozambique and then self-driven through the parched beauty of Namibia, scrambling down the Sossusvlei dunes and tracking black rhino through Damaraland. I've canoed serenely past hippo pods on the Zambezi and tested my limits on a Kilimanjaro climb. Through every journey through Africa, seeing its wildlife and meeting the warm and welcoming people, my passion for the continent has only doubled, tripled, in size, and I just adore sharing this special part of the world with my guests.

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