Danielle Diaz-Myers

San Diego Office

I’ve always had a fascination with beautiful places - the ones that just take your breath away. My first taste of the world was my 21st birthday trip. I remember sitting on the steps of the Palais de Chaillot, croissant in hand, watching the Eiffel Tower illuminate for the first light show of the night.

From that point on I knew I had to see what the rest of the world had to offer, and I did.

Travel has given me some of my most cherished memories - from learning how to roll cigars in the Cuban countryside and scuba diving off the coast of Varadero to swimming in the incredibly blue waters of Krka National Park during a solo adventure across Europe, tasting escargot in Paris, dog sledding through the snowy countryside in Quebec, and witnessing the most beautiful sunrise over the pagodas in Myanmar.

Out of all the places I’ve been lucky enough to experience, South America stole my heart. Rich in history and culture and oozing charm and adventure at every corner, South America has something for everyone. My personal favorite memories are venturing off to the Amazon and diving head first in to the mysterious waters. Hopping off the Inca Rail at a random stop in the middle of the forest, KM 104, and trekking 8 miles to the sun gate where I was speechless seeing my first glimpse of Machu Picchu. Stepping off the plane and in to the world of the Galapagos, being greeted by the sun on my face and the salty sea air.

I feel every person owes it to themselves to get out of their comfort zone and experience the world for how beautiful it is.

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Travel nuggets

  • Maps.me is a lifesaver! Download the map of your destination so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a paper map or using data.

  • Make it a point to book an adventure at each destination you go to – my goal is to always walk away having done something new and exciting that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  • Try the local food! Ask a local what they recommend and get off the beaten path. Grab a bite from the vendor selling street food. Eat where the locals eat.

  • Be an early riser – there’s never been a time where I regretted getting up early to see the sunrise.