Kuku Yalanji Cultural Tour

Daintree National Park, Queensland, Australia

Today you will join one of the Kubirri Warra brothers on their beach walk. Linc and Brandon Walker follow the traditions of their ancestors who, for thousands of years, educated visitors about their Kuku Yalanji culture.

Cooya Beach (Kuyu Kuyu) is a special place and is a traditional fishing ground of the Kuku Yalanji Bama. This unique coastal place has three diverse ecosystems - beach, mangroves and coastal reef, which are connected to each other by the ever changing mudflats and tidal lagoons.

Today the brothers teach their guests how to throw a spear, hunt whilst stalking and observing wildlife and country, and how to track coastal resources. And they share some of their extensive knowledge of this special area and how they care for their country.

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