Battle of Isandlwana Tour

Rorke's Drift, KwaZulu Natal and the north coast, South Africa

This morning you will go on the world-renowned battlefield tour that recounts the famous 1879 Isandlwana Battle between the British and Zulu people, rated as one of the greatest military disasters in British colonial history.

Your tour will start in the morning with a twenty to thirty minute drive to the site of the battlefield. On the way you will listen to David Rattray's the Day of the Dead Moon to give you some details of the background of the Anglo-Zulu War. On arrival there will be chairs for you to sit in as your knowledgeable guide recounts the gripping and gory details to how the British were so spectacularly defeated by the Zulu. There can be some walking involved on the tour, but arrangements can be made to accommodate guests who are less mobile.

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