Things to Do in Turkmenistan

One of our favourite hand-crafted experiences in Turkmenistan is interestingly centred around horses! You will visit a local private stable and see the famous and majestic Turkmen Ahalteke horses, a very old breed dating back about 5,000 years; which is also part of the sovereign Turkmenistan national emblem. Not only you can you enjoy the breath-taking performance by their horseman, if you would like to take the reins yourself then we can organise this for you.

Darvaza or the Door to Hell is also a unique experience, the boiling lava and firey crater is truly a unique site to behold and has been burning since the 1970s. Ancient Merv in Mary is not only one of the world’s oldest cities but also the most preserved city on the ancient Silk Route, dating back 4,000 years. Once flourishing with life and vast wealth this immense ruin is a fantastic place to channel your inner archaeologist and set off with your informative guide to get under the surface of multiple millennia’s.

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