Dubbed ‘the roof of the world’, Tajikistan is a wild land dominated by mountains. With over 90% of the terrain made up of craggy peaks and alpine scenery it is a trekkers paradise, with lush mountain pastures and arrestingly beautiful vistas just waiting to be discovered.

Tajikistan promises adventure, remote mountain wilderness and breath-taking natural beauty. For the intrepid traveller, this landlocked country surrounded by the Pamir-Alay mountains offers a truly authentic experience in one of the last forgotten corners of the globe. The challenging terrain is perhaps one of the reasons that Tajikistan remains relatively unspoilt and unexplored in comparison to its Central Asian neighbours, with vast swathes of this mountain realm still entirely unpopulated.

Despite the lack of foreign visitors, the Tajik people are some of the most hospitable in the world, eager to share their customs and traditional way of life. The capital city of Dushanbe is laid back and picturesque, peppered with parks, lakes and museums. But venture away from Dushanbe and discover the Sogdian city of Penjikent, with its Silk Road history, Zoroastrian temples and home to the UNESCO listed site at Sarazm. In nearby Marguzor, you can spend a day exploring the Seven Lakes hidden high in the mountains and renowned worldwide for their beauty.

On the border with Uzbekistan you’ll find the lofty peaks of the Fann Mountains, part of the Pamir-Alay range and home to some of the most incredible trekking in the world. Tajik shepherds graze their flocks on the high mountain passes and glittering azure lakes contrast against the snow-capped summits, many over 5000 metres high. In stark contrast, the prosperous northern city of Khujand is brimming with mosques, citadels and palaces and was famously an outpost for Alexander the Great in 329 BC.

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