Kazakhstan is a true land of contrast. This economic powerhouse on the Central Asian steppes is a melting pot of ambitious architectural projects, alpine lakes, colourful mountains, Silk Road heritage, eagle hunting and space travel. For the intrepid traveller, Kazakhstan has many secrets just waiting to be uncovered - there's always something new to love about this nation!

The world’s largest landlocked country is often misunderstood to be a desolate land of empty steppes, but the reality couldn't be more different. Explore sophisticated Almaty, where leafy parks and glamorous malls embody the new age of Kazakhstan. Away from the city, in Almaty Province, you’ll discover mesmerising natural beauty with aquamarine lakes, rainbow mountains and imposing sand dunes. Northern Kazakhstan is home to Astana, possibly one of the world's strangest capital cities with its fantastical space age architecture. Kazakhstan’s Southern Desert was once part of the ancient Silk Road, but today plays host to a live rocket launch site.


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