Lying at the intersection between Asia and Europe, Azerbaijan is where age-old traditions mix with the bizarre new. The capital Baku is undoubtedly the metropolis of the Caucasus. But not far from the towering skyscrapers, discover a wealth of history with UNESCO-listed walled fortresses, Zoroastrian fire temples, historic mausoleums and rock engravings from early days of human civilization.

Azerbaijan’s unique geographical location harbours a melting pot of cultures. Some of history’s most famous empires have clashed in this land - and their influences are clearly felt amongst the folk dances, art and cuisine. Cosmopolitan Baku is a testament to the country’s eclecticism. Space-age architecture, Soviet-era blocks and Medieval Islamic buildings stand side by side, with jazz bars and high-end shops lining its waterfront promenade. Away from the capital, discover cave paintings, mud volcanoes and perpetually burning mountains lighting up the night sky. Finally, drive further inland through quaint villages and the Greater Caucasus mountain range to Shaki, where sweeping Alpine landscapes meet elegant Persian-influenced culture.

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