An ancient and proud civilization with history dating back to 782BC, Armenia is one of the world's oldest inhabited countries and the first state to adopt Christianity as an official religion. Remote churches dot the charming landscape of deep gorges, windswept valleys and pristine lakes; while history lovers will be intrigued by the complex and somewhat tragic past of this eye-opening nation.

From the early beginnings of Christianity and the legacy of the USSR, to the heart-wrenching Armenian Genocide, Armenia has witnessed plenty of unforgettable events. The relatively compact capital city of Yerevan provides easy access to some of Armenia’s most famous landmarks, including the rock-cut monastery of Geghard and Khor Virap, which stands proudly in front of the iconic Mount Ararat. However, rural Armenia is where the isolated beauty of its monasteries shine and time truly stands still. Dzoraget is the gateway to Northern Armenia, home to the eerily quaint Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries; whereas remote Goris rewards the more adventurous traveller with rugged canyon monasteries.

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