Tailor-made holidays to the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest spans the borders of eight countries in South America and is home to the longest river in the world. This astounding network of dense vegetation, meandering waterways and lakes is home to a tenth of the world’s plant and animal species, with many more yet undiscovered. At Scott Dunn, we're passionate about creating unforgettable experiences. Whether you're travelling as a couple or a family we'll tailor the perfect Amazon adventure for you, from taking a luxury Amazon cruise to staying on dry land at a remote jungle eco-lodge.

Amazon lodges

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, Brazil

Located in the greatest archipelago in the world, this comfortable lodge is located in the midst of the veritable myriad of lakes, tributaries and islands you can really make the most of this oasis of luscious greens and dazzling blues. The immense privacy of this region is epitomized in the set-up of the secluded bungalows to allow guests to truly immerse themselves in this Amazonian ecosystem. Interested and tours are focused on the amazing animals that you could experience in the area, such as the pink river dolphin.

Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is a tropical paradise and one of the Amazon’s groundbreaking conservation projects and eco-lodges. In pristine primary rainforest, the location is secluded and only accessible by boat. Set off with local guides through jungle trails and make the most of the high canopy tower, and watch the brilliant birdlife soar by. Amongst the verdant jungle plant life, Cristalino Jungle Lodge offers unique solar powered wooden bungalows, a perfect setting from which to explore the private reserve and the beautiful Amazon rainforest.

Hacienda Concepción, Peru

Being the newest hotel in this Inkaterra collection, this lodge understands that focus on family-orientation for guests is what makes the dreams of these trips a reality. Only accessible by boat, you are nestled amongst the luscious emerald jungle and the majestic rivers in comfortably furnished rooms. Keep your eyes peeled and your binoculars ready as you try to catch a glimpse of the elusive otters or sedate sloths. No matter what you observe you will be thrilled beyond your wildest dreams at the majesty of this place.

Manu Wildlife Centre, Peru

Manu Wildlife Centre is located in the remote stretch of the Madre de Rios River on the edge of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. You can really immerse yourself in Peruvian wildlife, also notably the flora and primate fauna which are almost unparalleled in the region. The hotel consists of simply thatched cabanas, and knowing that for guests wildlife exploring is a priority, the staff are all animal enthusiasts and take you on daily excursions to explore this eco-system, either by boat or foot depending on your athletic ability.

Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuador

Situated on the glistening lake of Anangu, the Napo Wildlife Centre is an eclectic mix of wildlife chatter and a rainbow of colours, flora and fauna rule the show where lucky guests are the few who can spectate. The wooden cabanas in the lodge are comfortable and safe, yet allow you to remain immersed in the jungle and feel at one with nature. Being 100% community owned, knowing that their ethos of both pride and respect for the wildlife and of their guests, stands this lodge completely apart.

Reserva Amazonica, Peru

As you gently drift in the wind and look up at the canopy of trees above your hammock, you can really understand why the Amazon exudes such fascination and fantasy. This Peruvian lodge is nestled in the heart of a nature reserve where you can enjoy nocturnal safaris, boat trips and environmental walks to try and undercover some of the secrets of the elusive wildlife. A real clincher is that you can stay in this rather upmarket hotel in the full knowledge that you are having a 100% carbon neutral stay.

Amazon cruises

Delfin I & II, Peru

These sister boats are two of the most exclusive and glamorous ways to enjoy the Amazon in all its grandeur. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, look no further; as you float past rustic villages and wildlife anew you can sit back on the sun desks or relax in the Jacuzzis. The itineraries of these boats focus around the world’s most impressive flora and fauna, delving between nature reserves and river systems, it will expand your understanding of what the Amazon symbolises.

M/V Aqua and Aria Amazon, Peru

Take to the waters of one world’s mightiest rivers; the Amazon. No other way will you be able to understand the true extent of this mythic watercourse as you meander to unexplored depths of Peru, enjoying the myriad of exotic colours and abundance of amazing animals in their luscious habitats. These boats exude excellence and style, you can enjoy the scenes of the Amazon float past from sumptuous beds, or when you tuck into a mouth-watering meal prepared on the boat.

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