Things to Do in Kazakhstan

As a land of contrasts Kazakhstan has a variety of different experiences on offer depending on what you would like to get out of this country. The infamous Silk Road weaves its way through the country so get under the skin of this vital trading route and understand the inner workings of this historical and vitally important road.

If exploring the natural countryside of Kazakhstan is top of your list then a visit to the azure Issyk lake, at an altitude of 1760 m the lake is nestled within the snow-capped mountains and the range of contrasting colours really makes it a photographer’s paradise. Charyn Canyon by contrast is arid, relatively barren apart from at the base of the canyon but also a breath-taking site to explore while you are in Kazakhstan. Within the country they are promoting ethno-tourism so a perfect Kazakhstan experience would be engaging and experience local ways of life and traditions, our experts can certainly weave this into your itinerary. For those looking for the ultimate unique experience in Kazakhstan then head to the space station, which may include a once in a lifetime sighting of a rocket being shot into space.

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