Matsumoto Full Day Exploration

Matsumoto, Central Honshu Mountains, Japan

Enjoy a fun day of exploration in Matsumoto! First visit a wasabi farm before heading to the beautiful Matsumoto Castle. Stroll along the charming streets of town and explore the traditional shops.

Take a full day tour of Matsumoto, a quaint and charming castle town. First visit the largest wasabi farm of Japan, lined with large fields of meticulously maintained irrigation systems with clear, flowing water from the Northern Alps. Embark on a walking trail in the farm and basked in the idyllic atmosphere of rural Japan countryside. 

Afterwards, head to Matsumoto Castle, otherwise known as the crow castle due to its black exterior. Designated as one of the four 'National Treasures of Japan', it is also one of the most well preserved and beautiful amongst Japan's castles. Stroll along Nawate Street located just beside the castle before continuing to the unique Nakamachi Street. Spend some time in the charming alleyways with a traditional exterior lined with well-perserved old buildings and houses.

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