Day 1 - ME to WE: Araveli (Immersive Volunteer Trip)

Aarvelli Hills, Rajasthan, India

Begin your 3-night Araveli lodge experience with ME to WE. Today you will make your way to the lodge and en route be met by your local guide. Set in the heart of the Araveli Hills, this experience educational and incredibly heart warming.

You will arrive at ME to WE where you will settle into your lodge. Staying at the ME to WE Araveli Cottages and Tented Camp, you are just a two-hour drive northeast of Udaipur.

Your first day will mainly involve getting settled in as well as having your lodge orientation. During this briefing, you will learn about the WE villages development model and how ME to WE work with local communities.

There are five main focuses of ME to WE which include empowering people through education, providing safe/ clean drinking water, sanitation and health care services, agriculture and food services and also helping to create more opportunities for work.

You will be welcomed into the community, starting by first enjoying lunch before a short class to learn some Hindi phrases. Afterwards, you will visit a local village to see development projects that are underway and can try out your new skills conversing with the local people.

End the day with a welcome dinner prepared by KK the renowned chef who will explain the history behind each dish.

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