Stonehenge and Bath day trip

England, United Kingdom

For a chance to see two of Britain's oldest sites, take a day to visit Bath and Stonehenge. Your private guide will lead you around both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, explaining the history of each and showing you beautiful countryside along the way.

Erected thousands of years ago by Neolithic man, there is much folklore and speculation surrounding Stonehenge. Although archaeological finds have revealed a lot, there are still many questions about the more mysterious side of the stones. Your private guide will help you investigate how the stones were shaped and erected 5000 years ago, and the spiritual significance of the site for many people today.

After uncovering the mysteries of Stonehenge, you'll continue through the peaceful English countryside to Bath, which was founded as a thermal spa named Aquae Sulis by the Romans. Re-built in the 18th century, the city is now home to beautiful Georgian architecture as well as the world's best-preserved Roman baths. Explore the city with your guide and learn the history behind the golden stone streets.

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