Gems of Laoshan with Taiqing Palace

Qingdao, Henan, Shanxi and Shandong, China

Today's tour will bring you to Laoshan and Taiqing Palace. You will also explore the Xiao Yu Hill, Former Residence of Kang Youwei and Signal Mountain Park. On return, visit Zhanqiao Pier.

Due to its unique seaside and towering mountain structure, Laoshan is sometimes also referred to as the No. 1 Mountain on the Sea. Holding record as the highest coastal mountain in China, Laoshan Mountain is considered one of the cradles of Taoism. At its peak of Taoist worship, as many as 1,000 monks and nuns called this mountain home. The mountain's landforms is marked by huge granite concentration.

Serving as the birthplace of Laozi, Taiqing Palace comprises of over 140 rooms including the Gods' Hall, Three Purities' Hall and Three Emperors' Hall.

Returning into Qingdao, you will enjoy a stop at Zhanqiao Pier, built in 1891 as a naval pier.

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