Spotlight on Chem Chem

Chem Chem is a chic and contemporary lodge offering guests wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities in two of Tanzania’s most interesting safari areas.

07 November 2017


Africa Travel Expert, Lyndsey gives us a quick look into soft safari and Tanzania’s “beach in the bush.”

Safaris can be exhausting. Being up at daybreak and out after sunset on adrenaline pumping activities can really take it out of you. Many of our guests choose to wind down after a safari on one of Africa’s many stunning beaches. But what we’ve come to understand is that the beach is not for everyone. For whatever reason – budget, preference, travel time – a beach ending just isn’t the right fit.

So where do you go? Chem Chem Lodge is an excellent example of an alternate ending to safari that allows for complete and total relaxation.

Here’s a quick look into one of Tanzania’s best kept secrets:

Total Relaxation
Whether it’s in your room, by the pool, enjoying a massage or simply melting into one of many comfy couches or chairs for a “couch safari,” relaxation and the ability to unwind are an integral part of your stay at Chem Chem.

Total Flexibility
You determine your day and how your time is spent. This is quite a departure from the arduous safari schedule you’ve just come from. You dictate meal times as well. Feeling a late brunch in bed? Not a problem for the Chem Chem team.

Each luxury tent is set far away from the others and the main areas are large and spread out. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to hide away. You’re welcome to chat to other guests if you wish, but only if it happens organically.

Tropical Bush Views
It’s quite easy to sit for hours and watch the plains game wander by. The Chem Chem private concession is characterized by wide open plains dotted with grasses, palm trees, and tall yellow fever acacia. You end up with a wonderful combination of something that feels like Palm Springs with a touch of Africa.

Maasai Immersion
If you’re feeling up for a bit of activity, enjoy a slow walk with a Maasai warrior, learning how these nomadic peoples utilize the land. If you’re lucky, you’ll slowly and safely approach the resident giraffe and zebra that dot the plains.

Cultural Visits
Chem Chem, like so many others, practice responsible tourism and continually give back and support the local community. Join your guide in a visit to the local village and school. No room in your luggage to bring gifts for the kiddies? No problem. Chem Chem keeps a supply of notebooks on hand for you to give out, ensuring you don’t show up empty handed.

Stunning Sundowners
Let the team take you to what feels like the end of the earth on the flat salt pans that will fill with water once the rains fall. It’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Five star dining
Indulge in the Chem Chem team’s incredible culinary creations. Menus are created daily and presentation is top notch.

So when you’re looking for that something a touch different, Chem Chem can be your perfect solution.

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