Fascinating Lankaran & Lerik

Baku, Azerbaijan

Visit the Lankaran History and Ethnography, Lankaran Khan House Museum, Hazi Aslanov House Museum, Lankaran Circular Fortress, Boyuk Bazaar and Ibadi Hot Spring. Explore Lerik city with its lush waterfalls, meadows and the Museum of Longevity.

Suitable for those looking to explore Azerbaijan in-depth, today we bring you into Southern Azerbaijan to get acquainted with the verdant landscape and profound past of this region which is recorded to dwell to pre-historic times.

The ancient city of Lankaran is flanked near to the Caspian Sea and within proximity to the Iranian border. You will visit the Lankaran History and Ethnography Museum, admire over 6,000 exhibits providing insights into the region's culture at the Lankaran Khan House Museum. Learn about the life of Hazi Aslanov, the only Azerbaijani to receive the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union twice as you explore his house museum.

Afterwards, we visit the 1786 Lankaran Circular Fortress which once acted as a prison for Joseph Stalin, the vibrant Boyuk Bazaar brimming with fresh producers, the Hot Spring of Ibadi with its intriguing legends.

Concluding your journey in Lankaran, we head to Lerik known for its verdant wooded meadows and cool mountain air. Discover the secrets of the Lerik people's exceptional longevity whom lived up to 170 years at the Museum of Longevity!

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