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Meet our worldwide specialists. They all share a passion for travel and have all spent time exploring the globe, getting off the beaten track and finding hidden gems in the most incredible locations. Our travel consultants are constantly on the look out for new and exciting hotels, experiences and destinations, taking you to places you never thought possible.

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Evelyn Soong

‘To travel is to live’ – this verse motivates me a lot. Travel inspires us to enjoy life and to live it to the fullest. Our life becomes richer, more beautiful and I am always looking forward to it. My 23 years of journey in the travel industry has given me ample opportunities to explore around the world. I love wildlife and as well as delving into the local culture and history in each place.

Sheena Seah

Travel is a delight to my senses as I immerse myself into different cultures, try local cuisine, interact with locals, admire breath-taking landscapes and learn interesting facts. It leaves me in awe of the world and never fails to broaden my horizons and perspectives.

James Leet-Cook

I came across Latin America whilst looking for surf. This search took me to Nicaragua where I ended up spending 4 months, falling in love with the country, culture and people. After being so mesmerised with Nicaragua and hearing passing travellers speaking so highly of the surrounding countries, I decided I needed to check them out. I have since been lucky enough to experience Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Panama and Colombia are on my list for later in the year.

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