Our Europe specialists

Our dedicated Europe specialists all have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion of the area. They have lived in and travelled extensively throughout the region and all spend many weeks each year visiting different parts to keep up to date with the best places to stay, eat and explore. Their first-hand knowledge means that they can create the perfect European holiday for our guests.

Adam Ang

I discovered from the tender age of 10 that travel would be my lifelong hobby when I did my first trip with my grandpa to Guilin, China. Since then I have left footprints on 45 countries, most of them in Europe and Asia! I especially love Europe because it offers everything that a traveller needs – delicious cuisine in Italy, outdoor adventure in Iceland, amazing history in Eastern Europe and fashion in London, Milan and Paris.

Connie Ngai

“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” is the motto that motivates me to spend much of the time on the road. I fell in in love with Europe – its rich history, charming little towns tucked away in the mountains, the historic architecture and art pieces…and I absolutely love Spain for their delicious local delicacies!

Ria Santamaria

I plan my holidays to maximise any experience and the quality time they allow me to spend with my husband and children. I grew up in Manila, raised my family in Singapore and spent three years in London. Having travelled across Europe, including recent trips to Italy and Greece, as well as experiencing the iconic Carnevale de Venice and walking the Camino de Santiago, I am passionate about crafting the most unforgettable trips on this amazing continent.

Xinying Lin

The travel bug has hit me hard during the recent years. After travelling to different countries of Europe, I realise that this continent has so much diversities to offer. From the fascinating history to the gorgeous lake to the lovely architecture, my personal favourites now are Croatia and Switzerland.

Vicky Yim

Summer is my favourite time to travel in Europe when it's warm and sunny. I particularly enjoy conversations with the locals, trying new experiences, and looking for great local wines…

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